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We Omega Replica Watches explained this to you last week that strange times require agility. Omega Replica Watches This has led us to make some changes in our work methods and the content that we will be covering over the next few weeks. Is that to say you won't find great content on Omega Replica Watches MONOCHROME, or? No. We have more time now to concentrate on things that we used to forget. This is true for "The Collector's Series". This is a way to get to know MONO's editors and Omega Replica Watches show you our love for watches. Today, I interview Frank Geelen, the founder of MONO'. This installment of "The Collector's Series" features Frank Geelen talking about his Omega Replica Watches delicate and desirable Daniel Roth Small Seconds Steel with Salmon Dial.Omega Replica Watches

Daniel Roth is a Omega Replica Watches well-known name in the industry but he's a low-profile Omega Replica Watches one. His impact on contemporary watchmaking was huge. He's the man behind Breguet's renewal. A genius designer, Roth is also a watch entrepreneur. This company Omega Replica Watches helped Bvlgari create the amazing watches that we all know today. He previously worked for Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet and other companies. It is easy to see why the watches he named are so impressive when you add all of this. Original design, but refined and elegant. Some models are Omega Replica Watches mechanically exceptional, others are more low-key. This watch is the one we will be discussing today. Frank, my great friend and associate, is here to discuss his beloved Daniel Roth Omega Replica Watches watch.Omega Replica Watches

Frank Geelen – When I Omega Replica Watches was just starting to get into watches, a friend Omega Replica Watches of mine mentioned that Daniel Roth watches were a favorite. I was unaware of Daniel Roth's name or the watches he made, so I went online to find out. The internet wasn't as well-Omega Replica Watches documented as it is today on obscure topics. Information about Daniel Roth was very scarce. Watchprosite was the only website that provided information about DR. It was mainly press Omega Replica Watches information about the latest DR watches, and reviews. The majority of information was about the latest pieces under THG's reign and the first under Bvlgari's (I'll explain why later), Omega Replica Watches and they didn’t appeal to me. My curiosity was piqued, and I searched for DR watches on eBay and other sales forums (Timezone. Watchprosite. TZ-UK. Watchuseek. These looked very different. It was so much better than the previous ones I had Omega Replica Watches seen.

All this Replica Watches happened around 2000, when the biggest-bigger-biggest Omega Replica Watches watchmaking hype was about to begin. Panerai was making big watches at that time, as well as the IWC Big Pilot. These watches stood out because of their huge proportions. I liked large watches, so my budget was used to buy an old Heuer Omega Replica Watches Autavia (calibre 12 and a decompression dial) and later a TAG Heuer Monaco. (I still recall the many comments from friends, colleagues and colleagues about the Monaco!) Partly Omega Replica Watches because I didn't like the watches by Daniel Roth, I lost track of them. Every time I saw a picture of an older watch, I was intrigued. These watches were very small, but they were so elegant and well made.Over the years I continued to search for DR Omega Replica Watches watches for sale, as well as for information about the man behind the watches. But, there was never much solid information. You could find a lot of information online about George Daniels, Philippe Dufour, and Gerald Genta. There wasn't much Omega Replica Watches information available about Daniel Roth, and that hasn’t changed.Omega Replica Watches