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Ah! The Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica red dot. There are twelve red dots per day, and there are only Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica twelve. A red dot signifies that it's AM, while two red dots indicate PM. Due to its construction, the weekday indicator switches twice per day and the dots help to set the time.Christian Gafner was an industrial designer who had never Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica before designed a watch. He wanted a watch that was easy to read, with no frills, no inscriptions, and very legible. As a reminder of the brilliant annual calendar mechanism, which has only nine moving parts, there is a small "MIH" at 9 o'clock. The day/month/date window has one or two red Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica dots.Titanium is lightweight and anti-allergenic, so it was an easy choice. There's more to it than that! The crown has 12 small incisions and the caseback is secured by 12 screws. These remind us of the twelve hour markers found on the Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica dial. The rubber strap also has nine holes for the pin buckle. This is another reminder of the nine moving parts. The caseback has a small opening with glass that allows you to see the 30-minute counter.Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica

The Omega Aqua Terra Replica buckle contains the exact location of the museum, which I find Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica amusing or very nice. It is displayed in minutes, seconds and degrees. So if you enter it into Google Maps or your car's GPS system, it will be there!Yup! You're Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica right! The watch is attached to a booklet inside. They also included a sticker on the front that said "heute it Mehr InHalt". This is a joke about the watch's content today.This is the first edition MIH Watch. It was limited to 100 pieces per year, if I remember correctly. I was only able to learn that there is a second edition of the MIH Watch in September 2013. It's a completely different watch, made by different people and with different Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica complications. However, its design is very simple. The first MIH Watch was produced almost fifteen years ago. Although the production limit was 100 pieces per year, I don't know if they sold more than 100 pieces each year. It is unknown if they sold more or less than 1,500 pieces. These are rare items that I Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica have seen for sale in the past, and it is likely that you will not be able to find one.Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica

Another Omega Replica Watches thing I should mention is that I have been following Oechslin Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica since the day I discovered about his annual calendar with nine moving parts and his unique approach to creating a calendar mechanism. His unconventional Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replicathinking is something I admire, especially in the Swiss watchmaking industry where "we've always done it this way". It's amazing! Oechslin also designed some of the most complex watches for Ochs and Junior, Ulysse Nardin.Today we will get to the point, speak honestly and openly. Frank, the founder and managing director of MONOCHROME is someone I have known for seven years. He is honest and direct and is someone I trust. Today we'll be discussing one of his favorite watches, which he has owned for many years. It's his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 5402ST, which I've always wanted featured in our 'Collector's Series'. This watch is so iconic, that it doesn't need to be introduced anymore. Instead, we will be focusing on what is really important, the collecting side, and the fuzz surrounding the watch...

Brice Goulard: Omega Aqua Terra Replica watches This model is an icon. Let's now talk about Frank's watch. It's been a while since you bought it. Is there a story to it?Frank Geelen: We need to look back at my early days collecting and operating MONOCHROME. On forums I saw the occasional Royal Oak, which I liked, but it was just too expensive for me budget-wise. It was also hard to imagine what the watch would look like on my wrist. Most high-end watch retailers were not welcoming. It felt like they had a voting committee to decide if you would be allowed to visit, try on Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica the watch or if it was worth another look from the salesperson. The Royal Oak images were Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica mostly taken by PR photographers and didn't show the watch in its actual habitat (i.e. The wrist. Now, fast forward a few more years... Robert-Jan Fratello, a friend of mine, had a ref. 15300, and while I liked it from a distance, there was something that didn't work for me. I tried the watch briefly on my wrist and handled it several times. As information wasn't as Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica readily available online, I knew a lot about Royal Oak. So I had a good understanding of the history and how it was built (on a napkin at Baselworld, they claim) and I had seen a lot of photos of Royal Oaks. Like many others, I was curious about the price. I wondered how it would look on me. The Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica 15300 was not able to connect with me. RJ bought the 15300 and a Omega Aqua Terra chronograph Replica